Meteorite News

What are we up to now?

As a budding startup we are still in the early stages of business growth. We are working with mentors and looking for funding opportunities so that we can purchase equipment and processing software necessary for our business. Along the way, we are furthering our understanding of LiDAR and multispectral imaging and how they can be used to suit the needs of farmers and their crops.

Agriculture is a massive and ever-evolving industry. And with every plant species, location, season, and set of environmental and economic conditions there are unique inputs required to make a farm successful. To offer the best service, we need to understand what farmers need, like, and loathe, so if you would like to share your experience and insights with us, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at and we can set up a phone call to chat, or continue our discussion over over email.

Drone Piloting Practice at Sunrise