Meteorite Technology

Precision Agriculture Solutions

We are Meteorite, a startup company aiming to provide precision agriculture services to farmers in need of LiDAR mapping and crop monitoring assistance.

Services we plan to offer:

Terrain Mapping
See the contours of your field on a color-coded map so that you can optimize your
watering and drainage strategies.

Meteorite will come to your farm and map the specified area with our LiDAR and multispectral camera drone. In
addition to photographic mapping of the area, you will also receive a color-coded elevation map. During a post-mapping consultation, we will discuss the map with you, making sure you can make the most of your data.

Vegetation Health Monitoring
See your crop’s performance with this periodic mapping service.

Keep track of your crops with our monthly, quarterly, or yearly service. We will periodically map your fields, showing you exactly how much your crops have grown in different parts of your field on a color-coded map. This can help you monitor the effectiveness of your drainage, watering, and chemical strategies by showing you exactly where your crops are underperforming and where they are thriving!

What is LiDAR and how will we use it?

Three Dimensional Mapping
LiDAR Technology

The same precision technology that is used in the sensors that keep you safe in a self-driving vehicle can be made to serve the agricultural industry. Using lasers to sense distance, we can deliver a high resolution view of the land, or the crops themselves.

Drone Mounted Precision

We will fly our LiDAR over farm fields collecting elevation data from the ground beneath, so that customers can see where they may have drainage problems or advantages. For vegetation health monitoring, we can collect data multiple times throughout the growing season, focusing our LiDAR on the plants themselves, showing plant dimensions that indicate crop performance in each area.

After we map a field, we will help customers understand the data. We can provide a visual model of fields and vegetation, and we will discuss it in a post-flight consultation to make sure customers can make the most out of the results.